Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Waiting, waiting.........

"Travelers through the process of creation also realize that the truly essential spirits are experienced "on the way". Once we arrive , the pleasures are usually attached to reflections on how we got there. And it there is a feeling of satisfaction, it is likely to be ephemeral, since the creative spirit longs to get onto the road again, to create anew."

"I hope to convey and unlimited sense of the "ways" of the creative spirit. I practice many different disciplines...painting, writing, movement, drumming, and performance....and each one invariably leads to another. This is a text dedicated to like-minded travelers who admire all of the different spiritual disciplines but can never stay in one place and be one thing alone."

"Although creativity has regimental and formal aspects, its deep and transformative movements are more circuitous. Training in creativity requires the ability to relax in periods of uncertainty and to trust that creative intelligence will find it's way. The education of imagination involves giving up what I call "ego" control. It requires an inclination to step into the unknown as well as the ability to persist when there is no end in sight. The ways of creation are often paradoxical. When you think there is nothing going on, something comes to you, and when you want something desperately, it's never there. Imagination thrive on the turning of tables, and it's most successful products are often contrary to initial intentions."

Shaun McNiff from the book, Trust the Process

The reason I quoted these paragraphs from the Shaun McNiff book is because I have to remind myself of this. I have been working all day on Fossil III and for some reason cannot quite find my way with it. While it dries and I decide if to recycle it or work on it further, I will post the Weekly Drawing Thread drawing at Wet Canvas for this week. It is a copy a of a self portrait by Whistler.


Making A Mark said...

I went "Wow" whenh I opened up your blog this morning! :)

Mary said...

Katherine, thank you for your comment and visit.