Sunday, September 30, 2007

The pleasure of watching babies.

My youngest grandaughter, Sofìa was a year old day before yesterday, so I went over to her house to hug her and give her, her birthday present. She was so inquisitive about the box and once she saw the walking stroller she was full of smiles. One of the things I love watching most in babies is there genuine expression and attitude. Sofìa had a little friend over and of course he also wanted a ride but her expression says so much in the second picture about that. I was not fast enough with my camera to capture her reaction of pushing him aside after the second picture but his reaction to that, came very fast and he new just where to aim. That was the end of her cute little pink bow. Fortunately he was offered another toy and friendship was restored.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A most pleasing experience

So much anticipation and excitement about the Pastel Workshop and it went by in a blink. It was although one of the best experieinces I have had in my life. The learning was paramount and the company unmatchable. Michael Newberry was a dear and I am very grateful for his patience and expertise to head a workshop.

This was my first time painting outdoors and I have to admit I was not that satisfied with the outcome, I need very much practice but I will never let that keep me from trying again. It is just so incredible how the light changes in minutes and to find our brightest bright was very challenging because it was there one minute and gone the next. We also had limited time to do these and that was something I would foget easily and wanted to work more on perfecting it than the light, so in part I have to learn to work fast. I wasn't going to post anything but I guess sometimes it can be a learning experience to post what one had trouble with and remember the suggetions and comments of a mentor like Michael.
Now back to my pastel colors studies for my grisaille.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Ready for color

I believe I said that several post before but there were quite a few details to tweak and issues with the lights and darks. Michael Newberry said it was ready so now I just need a session with him to learn how to apply color to a grisaille. It will be an incredible fantastic experience, I know.

I have really loved every minute of the long grisaille process and although I don't think I will do all of my paintings in this way I will always try to have one on an easel while doing other pastels, paintings or charcoals.

Our Pastel Workshop is just about a week and half away so you can imagine the excitement and I hope I will come back with several worthy pastels to post.