Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year

Today is the 5th of January and I had not had a chance to wish all of you a happy New Year from my blog. Although I know my blog should be about art and not family and work life, but regardless of this, what surrounds the artist, always has an affect of somekind on the art we try to produce. The truth is, my famlily life has been very active in these last few weeks that I really haven't had a chance to produce any art, but I do paint with my eyes as the colors, shapes, shadows of objects come in contact with them.

Beto and I spent our New Year's Eve at the ranch with our son Juan Carlos, his wife Sofia, and our two youngest grandchildren. It was our other two sons turn to share the last day of the year with their laws. We had an early dinner of cheese fondue and cold cuts, retired early and started a normal work day at the ranch. Beto got his irrigation system running and got a good sprinkle in the process of waiting for the camera shutter to click.
I couldn't help but sharing the photo of our youngest grandson Juan Carlos because at three months, he has never tasted anything close to what is on that cracker as his only food is still formula, but you can tell by the expression, his double chin and cheeks that he would enjoy so much getting some of that into his mouth.:)

I hope everyone will have a prosperous and healthy year. In spite of my year being very busy until the middle of February, I will try to paint what time will permit, post my work and read and comment on so many of my favorite blogs. Till then!