Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Now for the last stretch.

I haven't been posting frequently on my blog lately but I have had quite a few things that need my attention and my painting has been coming along a little faster I feel, but maybe not as fast as I would like it to. I am sure I will still need to tweak the parts I have worked on, but at least I can post the painting with the color on the peaches now, and I am ready to start what I think will be the hardest part. The tissue paper! I have no idea how I will get it to look translucent but fortunately I have an incredible mentor that shows me how to solve these problems, like magic.

I have also been quite busy getting the ranch house ready for the Michael Newberry Workshop on the 5th of August. This will be another incredible experience for me and a great pleasure to have Michael in our home, and those taking the Plein Air workshop.

A pleasant surprise came this week in an email with a link to Michael Newberry's blog. It will be fun checking frequently for his new work that always shows a variety of Oil Masterpieces, Pastels, Charcoals and Plein Air.