Thursday, March 27, 2008

I just had to show this one off!

This is my 16 month old grandaughter, Sofia. She has quite a personality and at her young age has her preferences so very well established. Sofia is very feminine, dainty, delicate but at the same time has a tremendous love for nature and animals. She prefers a stuffed animal to a doll any day, and although when in a store she goes to the perfume counter to stare and examine so carefully and with much interest, all of the perfume bottles. She adores this cowgirl hat my husband bought for her almost as much as she love her baby blanket. Now it is the glasses, so this is the official costume in her house all day long, for now!

I have finished my platter on my peaches painting I think, but I would like to post a picture of the painting when it is complete. I am thoroughly enjoying the part I am working on now and next are the peaches so the color will be more intense and last will be the tissue paper. That part will probably be the toughest of the whole painting for me. I hope to post an update very soon

Friday, March 21, 2008

Plein Air Workshop in Mexico

I was hoping to have an update on my peaches painting to be able to post on my blog . I am working on the platter and have almost finished that part except for some details but it needs supervision from Michael Newberry before I feel that, that part is finished. I hope to post something by the end of next week. This is a slow process but a very pleasureable one.

Michael Newberry will be giving a Plein Air Workshop on our ranch here in San Luis Potosì in August. I am so excited about this an looking forward to it immensly. Plein Air is a technique I have never tried so I am hoping that after that workshop I will have work to post very often. There are six people signed up and of those I have met four, so it will be so very exciting to see them again, and meet the other artists that have signed up. San Luis is a perfect place to do Plein Air and the climate is gorgeous at that time of the year.

I have no pictures of art to post so I will post a little of what goes on in our city on Good Friday, the Friday before Easter. I found a video on You Tube of our Silent Procession that is very blurry, but the essence of this procession is clearly felt in this video together with some of our beautiful architecture and colors. Although, I know it can be a little impressive to those that don't quite understand that the religious celebrations of Mexico´s indigenous communities, incorporate the European heritage and give it a special syncretism thus, making it a unique and picturesque interpretation of the Holy Week traditions.

Mexico is nearly 90 percent Catholic, so this religious holiday takes on a special meaning that the entire community shares and participates in. All of Mexico celebrates Semana Santa, but certain cities and villages are better known for celebrating the holiday. In San Luis Potosí, residents stage a silent procession on Good Friday in which local brotherhoods march, carrying giant images of Christ's last moments.

Procesion del Silencio