Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Happy Accident

Yesterday I was trying to find a different medium for the drawing of the Scavenger Hunt at Wet Canvas and as always happens to me, once I had put down some red gouache I took out my inks, liquid watercolors, water spayer and my mind went off with my frequent desire to paint abstract art and the never ending question of "what if?" This brings me back again to one of Shaun McNiff's quotes in his book Trust the Process.

"Although order, regulation and planning have important roles in the making of art, the total process of creation is permeated by hidden turns, elusive searches and subtle appearances. Messages may be cryptic as well as overt; complex and very simple. The process is a route; sometimes it is tangled and at other times it opens to us with the directness, speed, and pleasure of a water slide"- Shaun Mcniff

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1 comment:

Pilan said...

Mariana, this is a very well balanced abstract painting. I can't explain it but it makes me happy too and has a calm like feeling :)