Wednesday, July 19, 2006


"There is a deity within us who breathes that devine fire by which we are animated"
I find that there are so many people that have the gift to write and make it interesting with a simple description. That is why I love to look at other blogs and find these creative ways of expression. There are people like me that are not good with words and would love to convey so many thoughts, experiences and feelings but I guess that comes with the practice of writing everyday.

The first Scavenger Hunt ended so I have two sketches left over that I was going to post as Jeanne posted the 23d sketch that would make her the winner of that Hunt. Now a new one has started so I will post those two sketches here. In the meantime I have a mixed media piece drying and hope to post tomorrow.

The first is an old butter churn I have as a decoration on an old iron stove. The second is a hand painted ceramic pitcher made in Dolore Hidalgo, Guanajuato. These were done in such a hurry that I think I forgot to shde the base and put in a background.
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Susan Borgas said...

Authors or artist, they have there own styles; I enjoy your blog as much as any other.

Your sketches remind me that I don’t do enough myself……..keep up the good work :D

Mary said...

Susan, thank you! I have been working at the sketching with the Scavenger Hunt and I have to admit I never sketched, I would just go straight to the canvas.

Anonymous said...

You were yanked out of your blocked state and into a whirlwind of activity. You have been producing and creating, and making wonderful art Mary. As with many things on this planet, there is an ebb and flow.

Mary said...

Robin, thank you! Your comments are always important to me.

Anita said...

The scavenger hunt is a great way to get doing something, isn't it? I will join you in the second now that the packing is almost done.

Mary said...

Anita, that is good news, we have missed you. They go so fast I can't keep up with them but the important things is to keep sketching everyday. Something I had never done.

suzanne said...

Hello Mary,
I am new to your blog, Now as FAVORITE, and your art, in any medium, are stunning.
And living in all that hot weather, must be a healer.