Sunday, July 30, 2006


Painting, Encaustic over Mixed Media

"Compositional "design" can carry a negative connotation within the realm of artistic production. Design carries the sense that something is being "sold." Coincidence with such a suspicion is the notion that design may be too logical. With tasteful design., there is a distinct danger that excessive "understandibily" will limit the espressiveness of the work. Today, designed beauty, unity, and harmony are conservative elements and we tend to cite a type of beauty that flows from nostalgia for "good taste" as being less inventive."

"To circumvent the encessant ordering of the human mind, an aleatoric, or made by chance, appraoch distances control of the painting process. Surrealism highlighted the value of allowing our subconcious decisions to govern design. Art is not pure accident- there is no art without decisions- but we may decide to find no art by making certain accidents visible. Arnold Schoenberg exchanged ideas with Kandinsky on this topic: "I am sure our work has much in common,and indeed in the most important respects: in what you call "unlogical" and I call "elimination of the concious will in art. "Every formal procedure which aspires to traditional effects is not completely free from conscious motivation. But art belongs to the unconscious! One must expess oneself! Express oneself directly! Not one's taste, or one's upbringing, or one's intelligence, knowledge or skill. Not all these acquired characteristics, but that which is inborn, instinctive. Arnold Schoenberg.

From the book Abstract painting by Vicky Perry


Jeanette Jobson said...

I don't know how you do this Mary, but it is surely beautiful.

This painting reminds me so much of water, flowing and bubbling. I just love it.

Pilan said...

Mariana, I agree with Jeanette. But, what I see is native, trible like and most beautiful energy. I could sit and look into this painting for hours.

I am always amazed at your abstracts but never surprised.


Mary said...

Thank you Jeanette and Paula it is always so interesting to hear the different interpretations.

Unknown said...

Mary, I was led to your blog from the weekly drawing thread at wetcanvas (Im DRDesign).

This abstract is beautiful. There is so much you can interpret from it.
Personal I see a small blue bird sitting in the middle of a beautiful, natural turmoil.

Mary said...

Thank you Dave! I enjoy it when people see things in my abstracts and especially in the encaustics that can be so hard to control sometimes.

Anita Davies said...

A beautiful piece with a real earthy feel, I find it very calming.

Mary said...

Thank you Anita, for your nice comment.