Sunday, July 09, 2006

Paint Tube

While my painting muse comes back to me I will continue working on the list of items to be drawn for the Scavenger Hunt at Wet Canvas. My wish is to use different mediums for some of the different subjects. In this case I chose from the list, a tube of paint and decided to try stippling for this. Done on Bristol Smooth with .01 rapidograph pen and ink.

Tonight or tomorrow morning Michael Newberry will post the new class for the Basic 102 class in the Drawing and Sketching forum at Wet Canvas. This class will be composition. It will definitely be a must for me and many of us that wish to improve our art.

"Strong line quality, composition and form are more crucial although even this is loosely done."
Frank Bruno

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Anonymous said...

I wish I had time for those classes, sounds great! As with the watermellon and this tube of paint, you can start looking at your subjects in terms of how you might choose a medium to best describe what you are seeing and thinking. I think color would have been a good choice for the watermellon, since that quality strikes you the most, where toning your tube of paint with stipling is a great way to study the form. Nice work!

Mary said...

Thank you Stoy! Your comments are always very valuable to me.