Saturday, July 08, 2006

New experience

I am finding the project of the Scavenger Hunt very interesting and useful. I have been using only Mixed Media techniques and also graphite for many years and when painting or drawing realism, it has always been from a reference. I am being pushed out of my comfort zone this time by having to draw from life and I intend to use at least all of the different techniques possible in 23 or more subjects for this project.

"Get a right height chair and sit at your painting table. Take a true Red, Yellow and Blue as you can choose. Mix neighbor with nieghbor until you have three new notes, Orange, green, Purple. Set all six in a line and mix neighbor with neighbor until you have six more.-RO. OY. YG. GB. BP. PR. You have now before you a homonogeneous palette, analogous to the spectrum band. They are PR. R. RO. O. OY. Y YG. G. GB. B. BP. P. Robert Henri from the book The Art Spirit

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