Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Continued Search

When you think you have finally found a technique or style to stick to you get one of those undesirable blocks and don't know where to turn. With me it is the struggle between realism and abstract. Yesterday I started playing with acrylics but ended up leaving it until today to see if some image appears that I can work with. I find it so hard to work from nothing. Sometimes I just let the paint flow and take me but when I start thinking about compostion and color theory then the inspiration disappears.

From the book Trust the Process. Shaun McNiff
"When asked to define what is a work of art, Pablo Picasso was reported to have replied, "What is not?"

There is a tradition within the arts that perceives every aspect of experience as an element of the creative process. Although many of history's greatest artists have identified with this vision, it has been opposed by those who advocate "art for art's sake" and others who favor strict or "pure" specialization. While aligning myself with the intergrtion of art and life, I have never seen an opposition between this idea and restricted practice. Art has room for both perspectives and many more."

The drawing posted is another from the list for the Scavenger Hunt and hopefully my muse will come back today so that I can get down to some serious painting.

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