Sunday, September 03, 2006

Still struggling

I think this will be my last try with this. It shows I have been out of practice with encaustics. The black was too much and now it is very busy but the only thing to do to fix it, would be to melt it all down. I'll leave it for a couple of days and see if it grows on me.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Mary - this is my first visit to your blog and I find it very interesting. I am just starting out with abstract and find it amazingly difficult, but I really love it when it works out!

I do not know anything about encaustic or how its done but this painting looks pretty good to me - it may look too busy to you because you have been working on it a lot.

Its funny how paintings will grow on you if you leave them be ... good plan of yours to wait and see!

Mary said...

Lesley, thank you for your visit and your comment. I haven't painted abstracts for long either and I also find them very hard to do but fascinating. What I love about encaustic is that the color stays so true but I have to learn how to keep some colors from mixing in the melting.

Cynthia said...

I am really inspired to see that you are really pushing yourself to explore abstract painting! I have never tried encaustic, but have purchased 2 and find it very intriguing. I have studied the pieces and there is so much layering that I really like.

Mary said...

Cynthia, thank you! it is really a very fascinating technique. I still have to learn a lot about it.