Thursday, September 07, 2006


Twenty three years ago my husband and I bought an old run down Hacienda at a ridiculous price. Situated 40 min. to the south of our home in the city, in a beautiful mezquite valley and surrounded by rolling hills. It was so run down that I couldn't see anything pretty about it as it's grandeur was hidden by rubble and mondern day patches, here and there. Through the years, with love and constant work we were able to turn it into something truly unique. It became our weekend home, a place to socialize with friends, the home for one of our sons while he started the cattle business and the place where our youngest son was married last year. Today, I went out to pick up some things and as we left, my husband closed the gates behind him, for the last time. As beautiful and loved as the place is, it was becoming a financial and physical burden for the two of us. Our sons are all busy with their work and lives and our plans of turning it into a Bed & Breakfast, were far from becoming true, since it is in the middle of nowhere and the people we would like to cater to, might not find much to be entertained by, except maybe, hiking. Fortunately a buyer showed up at the perfect time and the whole negociation happened so quickly, I had no time to sulk about it. Mixed feelings I do have, but now I can turn the direction and do things on the weekends I have not done for twenty three years.

We have kept our cattle land and cattle that are very close to this place, so now we will see it from the distance, whenever we go out there. The people that bought it said they will not change a thing and leave it decorated as it is. There is a sort of mystery, spirituality and energy that I hope will prevail and will give it's new dwellers the serenity it gave me.

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Jeanette Jobson said...

Mary, you and your husband did wonders with the house and it is beautiful, exquisite. Sometimes in life, you have to make changes and then something else new turns the twinge of sadness you have at leaving the old into excitement at the prospect of the new. You will have your memories of this place always.

Mary said...

Thank you, Jeanette. I believe you are right. BTW, I brought home a baby Calico kitten that was born recently. There are so many cats out there and this time we kept the mother inside to be able to catch one of the kittens before she became wild. I'll post a picture as soon as she gets used to my house.

C. Robin Janning said...

Mary, your words and photographs convey the spirit you put into your house. A spirit that speaks of love and adventure. It sounds as if you are ready to begin new adventures. Certainly a new kitten will present many new opportunities!! Thank you for sharing this with us.

Pilan said...

Oh, your post really touched me. It is sad to let things go in our lives. We begin to feel a part of the structure and build memories of them with loved ones. I am going to feel sad for you for sometimes. I know how much it was a part of you and your family.

But, I am sure you will find something to feel those WEEKENDS up in no time. :)


Mary said...

Robin, thank you for your words. Changes always bring a good part with them so I will be looking forward to the next adventure, as you say.:)

Paula, thank you for your feelings. I will look at the bright side of it. Not bringing 10 sets of sheets and towels to wash when we have company. :)

Jeanette Jobson said...

Can't wait to see the kitten! I'm almost considering getting one myself. It's 9 months since my dog and cat died, perhaps its time.

10 sets of sheets and towels!!! No, I wouldn't miss that one bit either. :0)

Cynthia said...

Oh my, it is beautiful and looks like a magical place. It must be bitter sweet to leave.

Jeanette said it well, with change comes something new. I hope you find another slice of happiness and new adventure!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful memories you now have.
I hope that the free time is filled with creativity, and a new grandchild.

Leonor said...

Mary, I still remember when you first bought it. I liked to go there, but definetly now that you sold it I see it's the work of 23 years, just beautiful. Don't forget every moment you lived there is part of a history (your family's History) and it's in your mind. It will be there even if you aren't "Recordar es Vivir"! What is the name of the Kitten, hope to see it soon!