Friday, June 09, 2006

A Happy Encounter

With very little computer knowledge, I came across Wet Canvas and registered. I think it took me two months before I built up the courage to post a timid question in the Mixed Media forum. I found my home there, quickly. With encouragement from members I started posting. The first project I joined was the ATC project and had a wonderful time trading artist cards with people from everywhere. The vessel card is rust powder, pumice stone and sand on gessoed card. The other two are oil over tissue paper on gessoed card.

One of the things I have learned at Wet Canvas is to tranfer images with the Jonothan Talbot technique. Recently Howard Cowdrick posted a very interesting demo of his technique which I hope to try soon. These two paintings are image transfers with oil pour on masonite.

At the moment all of my artistic endeavors have been in Drawing and Sketching forum of Wet Canvas and in the next post I will include some of that work until I update this blog to what I have been doing daily.


Anita said...

Mary - these are stunning! Your work is so warm and rich!

Lohan said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog and I'm already in love with your paintings. They are gorgeous! I'll be visiting again.

P.S. I used my old blogger account because outside comments are not allowed. My blog is here:

Lohan said...
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Mary said...

lg, thank you for your comment and visit. I am looking forward to seeing your blog. Your avatar is beautiful