Friday, August 19, 2011

On the bicycle trail to the right

It has been over a year since I last posted on my blog and it seems that every time I would try to paint something, it never satisfied me enough to keep working at it.  For at least a week I have been playing around with colors, markings, surfaces and just about everything I can find in my studio.  My idea was to abstract one of the favorite references I have taken on our ranch and it was supposed to be and abstract painting, but I've never been able to abstract a real image, I have always had to start off on a blank canvas with no image in my mind, and keep working with the process. Nevertheless, I had fun with this one because I'm not a landscape artist and I had only worked abstracts with oil and palette knife, very seldom with anything figurative. 


Anonymous said...

I like this a lot Mary.

I have just started to be a bit more active on the art front after quite a long hiatus battling inwardly about my aspirations. I have accepted that I will never be able to say anything meaningful (or abstract) with my art but will just have to settle for depicting 'small moments' that please me!

Looking at what you have posted in your last several blogs I don't believe that you have the same problem! ... they are all very attractive and interesting to look at. So keep on trying .... the results are good!!

Pilan said...

Mary, I ran across your blog by accident but glad I did. I really like this painting.

Michael Newberry said...

Mary, that is stunning!

Mary said...

Thank you Lesley, Pilan and Michael. I want to paint one on a panoramic format from a quick pastel sketch and a reference, but I want to wait until Fall when the colors in this area are so beautiful.

Unknown said...

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babloo said...

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