Friday, June 05, 2009

Gesture Drawing

I have been taking a figure drawing class at our new art center, here in town. The class consists of three hours, three times a week, with live model on two days. I have taken three weeks so far, and find it very challenging but worthwhile. We are working with line drawing and fast gesture drawings without looking at the paper, in either case. My main interest in this class is to loosen up a bit and in this way help me in whatever medium I work in. While at my computer today, I got a call from a close friends that loves to talk, fortunately I had my newsprint pad and pen close to me. Before I knew it I had it on my lap and was trying to sketch the sofa in front of me, but quickly found that not thinking of what I was doing and just scribbling, was a much better way to disconnect and just enjoy gesture drawing. I'm sure this could use a lot more work but it is just and exercise, so I will leave it as it is.


J. Nijholt-Strong said...

Hola Mary!,
I love this sketch/drawing.
Loosening up is a good thing... I need to work on that too! ha ha *wink*


Mary said...

Thank you for visiting Judy, I miss you. This was fun I guess because I wasn't even thinking of what I was doing. :)

r garriott said...

This is so fun! I get the impression of all the springs coming undone... (or a lot of cat hair)!

Unknown said...

Nice drawing. I like this good work.

abdul mohsin said...

wow. its great