Friday, November 14, 2008

A few wet on wet studies

It has been such a long time since I last posted work. Life gets in the way sometimes but the desire to produce some art, is always there. I have had to find an easier way to produce my art until I decide if I'm going to have back surgery or not.

One of the things I left on my waiting list was trying some Plein Air and putting into practice what I learned from Michael Newberry during the workshop. There is one Plein Air of these three small paintings (12x9.5in.), and two attemps of wet on wet. The interior was really just a study of the white wall to learn how to mix in some colors into the white. I enjoyed doing that very much but didn't plan my composition right and the painting only includes a fourth of the wall, so I'm afraid it doesn't read very well. The onions still life started as an alla prima, but I got interrupted so many times that I was only able to work on it for a while during three days, so by then most of the paint was dry.

This has gotten me back in the swing of painting so I hope I will be posting much more often.


Stacy said...

Mary, nice to see you getting your brushes wet again with these three lovely paintings. I am sorry to hear your back is bothering you and that you might have to have surgery. I'm sending some healing thoughts and gentle hugs your way.

Anita said...

Mary - great to see you back to work and looks like you were having fun with these. I love teh last one.
Keep well, Amiga!

Anonymous said...

Mary you worked these out beautifully. Great finish!

Mary said...

Stacy thank you for the comment and gentle healing thoughts. Fortunately I haven't been kept from doing alot of the things I like.

Anita, these have been fun and I hope I get better and faster at them, with time.

Robin, thank you for your good advice always, and this comment is very encouraging.

Jessica Torrant said...

They are all so beautiful but I am drawn to that landscape - it is stunning and I can get lost in it.