Saturday, December 01, 2007


I had to do a little research to find the right word. It is the peak season for our small tangerines or mandarins as they are called in Spanish. I was not sure if they were the same as the clementines but I think what we have are tangerines. They grow so well in this area without any special care. So I think that most of the ones we get in the grocery store are completely organic, free from all fertilizer and pesticide. They make a wonderful thurst quencher and a great fruit as a desert.

Pastel on full sheet of burgundy Canson


Stacy said...

Your tangerine is beautiful Mary! How wonderful that you can get local fresh fruit this time of year. I'm envious!

I buy mandarin oranges already peeled and packed in cans. They are my favorite kind or orange. I'm not sure if they are the same as tangerines, but think it is strange that I have never seen them fresh. I wouldn't be surprised if they go by another name.

Robyn Sinclair said...

This is wonderful, Mary. I particularly love how you have handled the white of the segments.
These look very like the clementines we have here in Tuscany right now. I love the way the Italians pass them around, with their leaves still attached, at the end of a meal. Much more healthy than sugar loaded desserts.

Mary said...

Thank you Stacy. I forget to be grateful for things like having different fresh fruit depending te season all year around.

Thank you Robyn. I was wondering if they were like clementines because I have never seen one but your description fits these also. I would have loved to paint one like that so I should go find a tree. :)

Anonymous said...

Mary, you did a fantastic job on your mandarin orange. I was looking yesterday at the market for some fruit to draw and came upon a huge Comice pear. I will give it a go today. There are boxes and boxes of the tangerines at this Whole Foods Market. I bet they came from your area.

Mary said...

Thank you Robin, I had fun doing this one. I will be looking forward to seeing your pear.

C. Robin Janning said...


This is beautiful. It makes me anxious for morning so I can go to the grocery and buy a tangerine. Honestly, I can just about taste it. And that color on the inside of the tangerine is just about my favorite color in the world!!


Paula Manning-Lewis said...

This is a gorgeous drawing! Just stopping by to say hi, since it's been so long since I've surfed all my favorite blogs! Hope all is well with you!


Mary said...

Robin and Paula, thank you both for your lovely comments.

lmp said...

Very delicately rendered. I just love this piece - no pun intended.

kaslkaos said...

I love the rich warm the colours and the sparkling lines. This is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary,
I was just reading you're posts on WC about painting in cera cola. Do you still work in the medium? Could you send me an image of one?
Aloha from Maui,
Don Jusko