Friday, August 29, 2008

Close to the final update and workshop

Michael Newberry

Kristin Daly painting on the ranch grounds

Plein Air group watching Michael's 2nd demo

Plein Air group at Mineral de Pozos
Left to right: Sandra Rice, Elizabeth Wepsic, Michael Newberry, Robin Neudorfer, Kristin Daly

In the meantime I also had the pleasure to host Michael Newberry's Plein Air workshop at our ranch in San Luis Potosi. It was an unforgettable experience for me and one that I will cherish dearly. We took two excursions. One to Mineral de Pozos and one to San Miguel Allende. The group painted on the way there and the rest of the time at the ranch. I learned very much from just listening and watching Michael. Unfortunately I wasn't able to finish my pieces because I was a little more worried about the hosting and also found that painting wet on wet is not as easy as Michael makes the technique look. Now I will apply what I learned watching and listening as soon as I get the feel of the wet on wet technique, without making mud.

I have really been slow at updatng my blog but life has gotten so busy for me lately. The last time Michael and I discussed my painting there was some minor tweaking needed and I hope to work on that this coming week. This is my last updated picture and I hope that when I post the last update I will finally have an appropriate title for it.


Pilan said...

wow! this looks like a great little painting Michael is doing. The group is wonderful. It looks like a lot of fun.

So sorry I could not be there.

Stacy said...

Mary, it seems like a wonderful time was had by all at the workshop. I am so glad you posted pictures and news.