Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Xavier de Richemont in our city

Our city of San Luis Potosi has been one of the chosen cities where Xavier de Richemont has mounted one of his brillaint night light installations on the Cathedral of the city and the Church of El Carmen, both 18th century buildings. The light installation is accompanied by gorgeous classical music and all of the lights of the Historical Center are turned off except those street lamps that so beautifully illuminate our very Mexican Barroque and Neo-Classical architecture.

The light installation last 15 minutes and has constant design changes on the light stone facade of both churches. His play with color is spectacular, making the churches look like they are painted of Gold, Indian Red, and other folkloric colors of Mexico. Starting with climbing designs of plants, that look like shadows from the bottom right corner, creeping along until the whole building is decorated. On the Carmen Church, he displayes Mexican religious paintings of the 17th and 18th century, while changing the colors in all of the stone carved barroque decorations of the church. One of the most emotive moments for natives of this country, is the moment in which the image of our Lady of Guadalupe Mexico's patron, appears and the music is suddenly turned to Mariachi music.

Unfortuanetly I did not have a video camera or my camera with me but these marvelous photographs have been taken by, Jadmarin and gdiazdeleon.


Pilan said...

This is awsome. I would love to see this in person. What a way to express yourself! WOW!!

thank you for posting Mary.

~Babs said...

Mary, that church with all the brilliant lighting is just out of this world! What a sight to see!

That lil cowgirl photo is a hoot!
Aren't Grandkids amazing? In love, as I've never been before!


Mary said...

Paula, yes this was truly amazing, I hope they will frequently do this show.

Babs, thank you! The images and colors along with the music was soemthing I'll never forget, amazing.

I agree about the grandchildren, they make life so much fun.

Anonymous said...


Come to San Luis Potosi and enjoy this amazing show

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